Young Man with Teeth SensitivityWhen teeth hurt, you know something is not right. It may be a minor cavity or infection, but one of the common varieties of dental pain is tooth sensitivity. And anyone who experiences it knows it isn’t fun.

Sensitivity may occur when drinking or eating hot or cold liquids or foods, or whenever pressure is applied when chewing. This recurring pain may be a minor annoyance or a major distraction. Whatever level of pain you are experiencing, don’t let tooth sensitivity keep you from enjoying the foods you love. Call our office today at (209) 834-8524 to schedule a consultation.

What Causes Sensitivity?

Several things can cause teeth to be sensitive. Damage, such as a cavity, can be a definite cause as the inner portions of the tooth become exposed.

Additionally, enamel erosion may similarly cause teeth to be sensitive. When we lose tooth enamel, the protective outer layer isn’t there to do its job. The interior dentin is much more porous and vulnerable to temperature changes. Enamel erosion may be due to too much acidic food or drink, tooth grinding (bruxism), even by brushing teeth with too much force.

Another possibility is gum recession due to periodontal disease or other causes, which can leave tooth roots exposed. Roots do not have the protective layer of enamel, so these affected teeth may become sensitive.

How Is It Treated?

Depending on the exact cause of your tooth sensitivity, there may be several treatment options available. We can repair any damaged or decaying teeth with restorative dentistry options such as fillings, crowns, bonding, dental sealants, or others. If gum recession is the problem, we will, of course, do whatever possible to treat your periodontal disease and other issues.

To alleviate the immediate symptoms, you may try using a toothpaste designed to reduce sensitivity and promote remineralization. This natural healing process may reverse the early stages of enamel erosion, however only a dentist can treat more severe enamel loss. Call us today at (209) 834-8524 for a consultation.