Solea® Laser Tracy, CA

Solea® LaserOur doctors and their team at Tracy Dental Excellence are proud to be one of the first dental offices in San Joaquin County to offer the revolutionary Solea® technology to our patients.

Solea’s dental laser offers patients a reliably anesthesia-free alternative to the traditional drill for hard and soft tissue procedures. Its unique 9.3 µm wavelength provides a natural anesthetic effect while also affording our doctors the ability to cut dental enamel with unprecedented speed and precision.

Patient Experience

Patients experience virtually painless procedures that take a fraction of the time of a traditional dental appointment because practitioners do not need to inject anesthetic or control bleeding.

  • No drill.
  • No needles.
  • No soreness.
  • No jarring noises.
  • And multiple procedures done in one appointment.


Tina Discusses Her First Solea Filling

Sophia Discusses the Solea Laser