Quit Smoking

Stop Smoking Today!

Giving up smoking is crucial for oral health. If you’ve spent the time and effort to get your mouth and teeth in shape, then make sure you aren’t forgetting about this extra bad habit.

As if there isn’t enough reason to give up smoking, your dental health suffers too. Dramatically. Aside from the tobacco stains on teeth (and the smell of bad breath), serious oral disease can develop. The evidence just keeps piling up.

Gum Disease – Research is showing that the incidence of gum disease is increased in a smoker, even given good oral hygiene and the best dental habits. Nicotine appears to discourage the attachment of tissue to teeth that is vital to healthy gums. Where nicotine is, nothing wants to grow.

Loss of Teeth – If the gums go, can the teeth be far behind? Nicotine seems to have the same effect on the bone that anchors teeth—bone recedes in the presence of nicotine.

Oral Cancer – Smokers, give yourselves 10% more likelihood of inviting oral cancer into your lives.

Cell Abnormalities – If you’re in an orthodontic program, you can count on lengthier treatment if you smoke. Damage to tissue—on the cellular level—slows down the normal response to braces. And you’ll be in more often for replacement of elastic.

Ask us about the Stop Smoking clinics in our community. We care about your whole health.

Dental professionals see firsthand what smoking does to your oral health. The only warmth in your statistics: your chances of disease decrease over time—if you quit.