Young Girl Smiling

Helpful Tips For Babysitters (And Parents!)

A sleepless child is a babysitter’s nightmare. To keep babies or young children sleeping soundly (and safely) keep these tips in mind:

Bedtime Fussing? Could Be Teething.

If the baby is under three and fussing, it could be teething pains. You can ease some of the discomforts by rubbing the baby’s gums with a wet gauze pad. Also, a chilled teething ring can soothe tender gums and help lead to sleep.

DON’T Bed Baby With A Bottle.

A teething ring is okay, but a bottle of milk or juice isn’t. Here’s why: at night, saliva flow decreases, and milk or juice settles on the teeth. The liquid turns to acid and reacts with the teeth—it’s how cavities begin.

Ask Parents First.

Parents know a lot about a child’s habits (especially bedtime routine) that they may forget to mention. So do both of you a favor and ask!

Get Emergency Information

Be sure to write down parent cell phone numbers and any other emergency contact information they wish to provide. Babysitting is a big responsibility, so don’t be afraid to admit a mistake and ask for help when you need it. If it is a life-threatening emergency, always dial 911.