In-House FinancingAffordable In-House Financing

Don’t put off the treatment you want and need.

Everyone deserves a beautiful, healthy smile. However, many patients seeking dental care find that the recommended treatment is unfeasible due to cost. Now, our in-house financing makes every procedure affordable by providing monthly payments that work for you!

Your treatment can be completed with as little as 25% as a down payment, and your dental insurance can be used toward this cost. Then, the remaining balance is divided into low monthly payments, with Tracy Dental Excellence financing this amount for you! Typical financing starts at 5 years and 18% interest, and there is no prepayment penalty.

Use your insurance for your down payment.

If you have existing dental insurance, we can make the most of your benefits by applying that coverage toward the down payment (and remaining total cost). That way, you’re only responsible for the low monthly payments. Depending on the details of your insurance plan, you may very well receive treatment with zero out-of-pocket expense!

How can I save even more?

Join our Discover Dental Care (DDC) membership plan. You immediately qualify for big discounts on all sorts of treatments you might need (including a FREE initial exam, cleaning, and X-rays), and you’re eligible to receive up to $2,500 worth of benefits in the first year. Then, simply finance the remaining balance to avoid up-front expense in favor of low monthly payments. Patients see huge benefits with this combination of in-house membership paired with in-house financing—available only at Tracy Dental Excellence!

Treatment Examples*

What financing can do for you!

When your dental care seems unaffordable, we can provide a realistic path to get you the care you need! See a few examples of how in-house financing can transform expensive treatments into low monthly payments!

Restorative Treatment

  • 2 Root Canals with buildups, 2 Ceramic Same-Day Crowns
  • Total Cost: $4,000
  • Down Payment: $1,000
  • Monthly Payments: $76

Orthodontic Treatment

  • Invisible Braces (ClearCorrect)
  • Total Cost: $4,875 (with Discover Dental Care)
  • Down Payment: $1,700
  • Monthly Payments: $80
*For illustrative purposes only. Your treatment plan, total cost, and financing terms may vary.