Health and Super Foods“Recommended Dietary Allowances.” “Minimum Daily Requirement.” Do you sometimes feel bullied by vitamin manufacturers and dietitians?

Since the science of nutrition got off the ground, 40 or so nutrients vital to our health have been identified. And depending on what they’re selling, we’re told we need more or less of one or the other. In fact, with rare exceptions, a varied diet will fulfill all requirements for most people, without the need for supplements. The keyword is variety.

It’s simple common sense. If all you ever eat is popcorn, you’ll have plenty of zinc but will need a host of supplements to stay healthy.

Variety isn’t hard to find. With, for instance, 40 different fruits and 20 styles of pasta, there’s no reason to have meat and potatoes every day.

Dietary supplements, of course, help relieve a number of deficiencies. And we all may encounter a deficiency from time to time. Use your judgment, and ask your physician.

Chances are, a little of everything will do. Indulging in variety will keep you healthy.