Young FamilyWays to Protect Teeth & Overall Health

Take these seven steps to achieve greater safety and fend off some of the most common childhood mishaps!

  1. Prevent decay with fluoride. If your family drinks only bottled or filtered water, you may be getting less fluoride than the recommended amount; ask about fluoridation treatments!
  2. Mouthguards for athletes. It’s important to always wear a mouthguard whenever there’s potential for trauma, but a poorly fitting mouthguard can also lead to teeth and jaw problems. The best are custom made by your dentist for protection and comfort.
  3. Use sunscreen. Sunlight can be beneficial for creating Vitamin D, but experts warn there is no safe level of tanning since the sun is also the cause of most melanomas. Sunscreen reduces this risk and should be used whenever you plan to be in the sun for extended periods.
  4. Vaccinate. Infant immunizations have reduced many once-common diseases to virtual extinction. Protect your family against measles, mumps, rubella, and chickenpox.
  5. Avoid head injuries. The best helmet is comfortable, adjustable, and looks so cool it’ll be worn everywhere.
  6. Early orthodontic exams. Buck teeth, crowded teeth, and overbites are best treated before the adult teeth come in. Often times, treatment is shorter and less intensive when started early!
  7. Buckle ’em up. Children are safest in the back center seat, in seats designed for their size.