Dental Cleaning

Professional Dental Cleaning in Tracy, CA

Part of your routine checkup to ensure optimal oral health.

There’s nothing like the feeling of a clean mouth, especially right after you just received a professional dental cleaning at our office. You’ll know that your teeth are in great shape and that you’re taking all the right steps to ensure they stay that way for years to come!

Comprehensive Examination

An important part of your dental checkup is the examination. We look over every tooth, (as well as the gums, tongue, etc.) for anything out of the ordinary. It’s an important preventative measure to catch oral problems as early as possible. Things such as swollen gums, sores/ulcers, dry mouth, and other gum problems can all be symptoms of more serious conditions. These may include diseases like diabetes, leukemia, oral cancer, as well as vitamin and nutritional deficiencies.

Digital X-rays (if necessary)

A visual examination is great, but it can only detect so much. Dental X-rays are another crucial diagnostic tool that allows us to get the whole picture and identify any potential problems within your mouth. If you haven’t had a checkup in a while, if you’ve had a significant change in your oral health, or if you’ve had damage to your teeth, we may require a new series of dental X-rays.

Professional Cleaning

Additionally, you’ll also receive a thorough dental cleaning to remove any accumulated plaque and tartar. We clean and polish your teeth to keep them shining and looking their best!

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