Fluoride BenefitsMake Sure There’s Fluoride in Your Water

As a direct result of fluoridation, dental health in our part of the world has seen many benefits. The improvement is most evident in our children, where fluoride in our water has reduced tooth decay by 50 percent.

Why then, are some put off by the idea of fluoride? It’s true that excessive levels can actually damage tooth enamel—too much of any good thing is too much. However continuing research, down to the molecular level, proves the bottom line: fluoride is good for us. It means bacteria are disarmed, plaque can’t get a foothold, and teeth and gums are nourished.

If you and your family drink bottled water or use a filter on your tap, then you may not be receiving the benefits fluoride provides. In fact, many home water filters remove approximately 90 percent from tap water. And the levels in bottled water are often non-existent.

Bottom Line: Fluoride is Good For Us

  • We may opt to give children a head start by providing a topical treatment here in the office.
  • People with periodontal problems show encouraging recovery with fluoride gels and solutions.
  • Older patients can benefit too. With topical treatment, adults enjoy 67% less decay on the root surfaces of teeth.
  • Fluoride-fortified toothpaste and rinses don’t hurt either!

Along with our concerns for your whole health, we welcome the benefits of fluoride—an important part of our preventative practice. And plain good sense.