Dental ToolsThere’s a new trend in dentistry these days: more people are scheduling appointments because they want to, not because they have to.

Additionally, developments that were previously unimaginable are now a reality. So, if you know someone who hasn’t been to the dentist in a while, they’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Pain Control

Modern dentistry is virtually painless. Technology, stress control, and some sophisticated approaches to anesthesia have all contributed to painless treatment—from cleaning and cavity preparation to root canal treatment.

Aesthetic Appearance, Functionally Strong

Today, dental procedures are now both beautiful and functional. And does it ever show in our patient’s smiles!

  • Tooth whitening is a simple, inexpensive way to lighten stains and discolorations on teeth without altering the natural structure.
  • Bonding can be used to rebuild tooth structure and hide imperfections. With today’s modern composite resins, there’s no limit to the cosmetic “magic” we can work on a smile. We can close gaps, reshape teeth, lengthen here, brighten there.
  • Tooth-colored filling materials are getting prettier—and stronger—every day
  • Implants—Though people are keeping their teeth longer and longer, part of the older population still has to deal with missing teeth. For those denture wearers who’ve always hoped for something better, dental implants can be a kind of dental rebirth.